Friday, March 8, 2013

Major League Baseball, Major League Excitement

Presented below are the official 2013 slogans for each MLB team--don't bother asking us where we got them because we'd just lie to you anyway.  Just over three weeks to Opening Day! 


Seattle Mariners - Swept Out To Sea!

Texas Rangers - We Are Texas

Oakland Athletics - Everyone Please Be Safe

Los Angeles Angels - We Still Have Vernon!
*NOW UPDATED* - We Finally Got Rid Of Vernon!

Houston Astros - It Gets Worse

Cleveland Indians - A Big Professional Baseball Team

Kansas City Royals - Major League Moments

Chicago White Sox - Window's Closed, Door's Open

Minnesota Twins - Grapefruit League Champions, 2011

Detroit Tigers - We're Pr-r-r-r-r-r-retty Good!

New York Yankees - Let's Be Careful Out There*

Tampa Bay Rays - Apparently Money's Stronger Than Math

Toronto Blue Jays - Sorry For Any Inconvenience Caused

Baltimore Orioles - The Safer Camden!

Boston Red Sox - They Call Him John Lackey

San Diego Padres - Make Wins, Not WAR

Los Angeles Dodgers - Big Stars, Magic Nights

San Francisco Giants - Seriously, You Guys Let Us Win Again?

Arizona Diamondbacks - We Exist

Colorado Rockies - Peyton Manning! 

Chicago Cubs - There's Always Three Or Four Years From Now

St. Louis Cardinals - Cardinals Cardinals Cardinals Kill Kill Kill

Pittsburgh Pirates - McCutch Ya at the Game!

Cincinnati Reds - Everyone Loves A Red

Milwaukee Brewers - Win Or Lose, There's Always Beer

New York Mets - ted still needs to submit this make sure this doesn't get printed

Washington Nationals - Barack Obama Is So Cool

Philadelphia Phillies - Fuck Us! No, Fuck You! Fuck!

Atlanta Braves - Yeah, Still Doing That

Miami Marlins - Estamos Fiesta Pescadores


Montreal Expos -  Mes Amis, Nous Avons Encore Tant De Boites De Chapeaux Et Chemises


Seriously, just watch until 0:55.  Or skip to it.  I guarantee you won't regret it.

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