Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Is the "AL scout" actually Brian Cashman?

Oh, so if Texas would give up one of their two elite infield prospects, the Yankees would consider trading a middle reliever?  Thanks for the analysis, Mr. "AL scout".

Taken from the Boston Globe

Friday, March 8, 2013

Major League Baseball, Major League Excitement

Presented below are the official 2013 slogans for each MLB team--don't bother asking us where we got them because we'd just lie to you anyway.  Just over three weeks to Opening Day! 


Seattle Mariners - Swept Out To Sea!

Texas Rangers - We Are Texas

Oakland Athletics - Everyone Please Be Safe

Los Angeles Angels - We Still Have Vernon!
*NOW UPDATED* - We Finally Got Rid Of Vernon!

Houston Astros - It Gets Worse

Cleveland Indians - A Big Professional Baseball Team

Kansas City Royals - Major League Moments

Chicago White Sox - Window's Closed, Door's Open

Minnesota Twins - Grapefruit League Champions, 2011

Detroit Tigers - We're Pr-r-r-r-r-r-retty Good!

New York Yankees - Let's Be Careful Out There*

Tampa Bay Rays - Apparently Money's Stronger Than Math

Toronto Blue Jays - Sorry For Any Inconvenience Caused

Baltimore Orioles - The Safer Camden!

Boston Red Sox - They Call Him John Lackey

San Diego Padres - Make Wins, Not WAR

Los Angeles Dodgers - Big Stars, Magic Nights

San Francisco Giants - Seriously, You Guys Let Us Win Again?

Arizona Diamondbacks - We Exist

Colorado Rockies - Peyton Manning! 

Chicago Cubs - There's Always Three Or Four Years From Now

St. Louis Cardinals - Cardinals Cardinals Cardinals Kill Kill Kill

Pittsburgh Pirates - McCutch Ya at the Game!

Cincinnati Reds - Everyone Loves A Red

Milwaukee Brewers - Win Or Lose, There's Always Beer

New York Mets - ted still needs to submit this make sure this doesn't get printed

Washington Nationals - Barack Obama Is So Cool

Philadelphia Phillies - Fuck Us! No, Fuck You! Fuck!

Atlanta Braves - Yeah, Still Doing That

Miami Marlins - Estamos Fiesta Pescadores


Montreal Expos -  Mes Amis, Nous Avons Encore Tant De Boites De Chapeaux Et Chemises


Seriously, just watch until 0:55.  Or skip to it.  I guarantee you won't regret it.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

We're waiting, Miggy...

I think the only Tigers preseason ritual left is for Miguel Cabrera to get a DUI.  But seriously, is it just me, or does ESPN always think Max Scherzer is going to become the next big breakout star?

Max Scherzer Still Sucks